Description: Just a nice and light hearted ad libbed piano track with nothing else but piano... Suitable for any flavor of a jazz mood setting

Description: A 60's - 70's era rock and roll track with modern elements fast and aggressive drums guitars and effects perfect for a 1966 mustang driving .

Description: New type of product of music song: Modern Jazz. Music for piano and contrabass. This will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a documentary video or something else, sound fresh and soft with a classic jazz, sentimental and romantic song.

Description: An electric jazz track followed by rhodes, piano and synth. Fits with all types colorful, cool production and projects.

Description: Jazz Fusion style short with Drums, Moog Bass, and Fender Rhodes Piano. Good for commercials that require a drviing beat and a modern jazz sound.

Description: Character jazz song, interesting melody and swing beat, perfect for your project: comedy show, presentations, commercials, TV adverts etc. Are used: piano, drums, bass.

Description: Vivid and dreamy jazz piano piece with gentle flute melody - dramatic, loving and exotic. This track is perfect for videos, web projects, films, commercials and movie trailers.

Description: Festive Simple Happy Positive

Description: Sounds like sophistication and Cadillacs. Perfect to sell cars.