Description: Deep steady upright bass and a tight drum beat provide the muscle for a jazz style keyboard work.

Description: Sax and organ join forces to provide a chilled out vibe over a walking bass line and an R&B throwback to the late 80's drumbeat.

Description: Catchy drum beat pattern flows nicely over upright bass riffs, and behind keyboard style performed properly to fit the strut.

Description: 70's funk guitar meets a tight boom-bap drum kit and soul fried bass patterns that mesh with a muted trumpet.

Description: Deep bass, tight beat, atmospheric keys and a weaving passion flute provide the "walking in the park on a sunny day" type vibe.

Description: Consistent snappy boom-bap drum kit with a funky bass pattern front heavy keyboard work.

Description: Laid back beat, upright bass and the keys introduce dreamy backdrops with processed synth riffs.

Description: Passion flute meets jazz guitar and organic drums. Packed with plenty of swing and a tight back beat, funky bass line included.

Description: Funky bass lines and a feel good beat. Various horn section arrangements and mellow keys.

Description: Latin flavored, jazzy, Big Band sounding Lounge track...reminiscent of those Cuban masters of the 40's and 50's.

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