Description: Work parts, music transitions, Jazz Gems

Description: Quirky and plucky, uptempo, whimsical, happy jazz. Featuring sax, vibes, double bass, brush kit, bass clarinet and organ. Commercial length cuts 60, 40, 30 , 11 sec all with main mix and underscores.

Description: A very traditional jazz track with piano, stand up bass, muted trumpet, and guitar over cool drums.

Description: „Cool Jazz Short Step“ is a short but nice and elegant Jazz piece which fits perfect to advertisements.

Description: At The Jazz Awards - jazz. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Jazz - Swing - Down n' Dirty terse jazz jam absolutely swinging' from the get-go. 240 BPM, Very Fast

Description: Jazz - Swing - A really alive Swing Jazz Trio featuring top Chicago Jazz players just jamming away. 235 BPM, Very Fast

Description: This light and playful ditty can be used in presentations with less serious content. It lends itself well to projects involving children. This music is unobtrusive which also makes it ideal as background music at a softer level.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Big Band, Game Show, Excited, Fun, Bouncy, Building, Hi Energy, in a Exciting, Energetic, Happy mood, featuring Brass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: This sultry tune fits any classy production. The piano and horn intertwine and weave a melody built on the blues scale. The walking bass is accompanied by the piano in the low register. Take out the drums for some nice contrast.

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