Description: A jazzy Latin/jazz tune with piano, guitar, vibes, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A patriotic and dutiful Afro-Cuban jazz tune with tenor sax, harmonica, piano, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: A Latin waltz full of goodness and wonderment with harmonica, electric piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: Latin, Latin-Samba, Ethnic, Ethnic-Latin America, Ethnic-South America, Active, Adventure, Bouncy, Ethnic, Fun, Festive, Feel Good, Hi Energy, in a Exciting, Fun, Energetic mood, featuring Synth, Drums, Bass, Piano, with a Very Fast tempo

Description: A Latin waltz full of unanswered questions with piano, marimba, flute, guitar, bass and percussion.

Description: A warm jazz/Latin tune filled with purpose and dedication featuring piano, electric bass, acoustic guitar and drums.

Description: Time moves forward no matter what we do, featuring piano, guitar, vibes, bass and drums.

Description: A fast Latin that morphs back and forth to a 6/8 Afro-Cuban rhythm filled with energy and hope featuring piano, sax, acoustic guitar, electric piano, electric bass and drums.

Description: A relaxed and contemplative latin jazz ballad with a very melancholic feeling featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and percussion.

Description: A Caribbean vibe gets you moving with steel pans, electric piano, piano, acoustic guitar, bass and percussion.