Description: quasi-spanish, mexican feel with 2 acoustic guitars ( chords and melody ), bass and percussion.

Description: Beautiful, cool, groovy Classical Guitar. Dreamy and sultry melody. Perfect for beach parties, beautiful women, sassy Latina fashion and catwalk. Ocean breezes, cruises, travel show, seaside romance, soap operas, Ugly Betty, TV and radio advertising campaigns.

Description: Upbeat and sultry, this song has a Latin feel and has a catchy melody. The song is for jazz trio and conjures images of a late-night jazz club.

Description: super-smooth latin jazz groove - miles davis meets pat metheny. gorgeous alto flute solos and counter-melodies, beautiful piano and rock guitar solos.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Latin America, Latin, Latin-Samba, Ethnic-South America, Active, Bouncy, Excited, Feel Good, Fun, Funky, Ethnic, Hi Energy, International, Traveling, Contemporary, in a Exciting, Fun mood, featuring Percussion, Piano, with a Very Fast tempo

Description: A confident and purposeful Afro-Cuban jazz tune that opens doors and moves forward regardless of obstacles featuring, piano, marimba, acoustic guitar, flute, acoustic bass and percussion.

Description: Bossa Nova jazz background music

Description: A fast and compelling latin jazz tune that's in a hurry to get somewhere, anywhere, featuring piano, electric piano, electric bass, acoustic guitar and drums.

Description: a swing nova (half bossa nova, half jazz swing) with piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: cool bossa nova – island rhythms, smooth flute & muted trumpet, beautiful melody – flute, piano, muted trumpet solos. chill out with a little energy.

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