Description: Dance, Ballroom, High Energy, Up Beat, Pulsing, Cuban, Brass, Piano, Latin Percussion, travel, vacation

Description: Light and bouncy lounge music set to a bossa nova rhythm. Smooth and cool, this upbeat Latin track has all the elements to get your feet tapping and put a smile on your face. Easy on the ears and a great addition for any happy Summer soundtrack.

Description: A bright and funky bossa nova featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, alto flute and drums.

Description: A latin jazz groove transitions down at 20 seconds with a nice trombone solo then back to the main theme at 40 seconds.

Description: A fiery, feisty blend of flamenco and jazz, this track combines fiery soul with sophistication!

Description: Beautiful, cool, groovy Classical Guitar. Dreamy and sultry melody. Perfect for beach parties, beautiful women, sassy Latina fashion and catwalk. Ocean breezes, cruises, travel show, seaside romance, soap operas, Ugly Betty, TV and radio advertising campaigns.

Description: Jazz, Latin, Jazz-Big Band, Comedic, Confident, Laid Back, Loud, Feel Good, in a Confident, Fun, Happy, Heartwarming, Humorous, Playful mood, featuring Drums, Bass, Brass Band, Trumpet, Muted, Trombone, with a Mid tempo

Description: Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Jazz, Latin, Zany, Wild, Humor, Hi Energy, Happy, Fun, Feel Good, Expressive, Traveling, Struttin, Slapstick, in a Energetic, Fun, Happy, Playful mood, featuring Bass, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Woodwinds, with a Mid tempo

Description: quasi-spanish, mexican feel with 2 acoustic guitars ( chords and melody ), bass and percussion.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Big Band, Latin, Active, Uplifting, Percussive, Feel Good, Fun, Happy, in a Confident, Energetic, Fun, Happy, Heartwarming mood, featuring Triangle, Timbales, Bongos, Drums, Cymbals, Keyboard, Bass, Big Band, Trumpet, Trombone, Tambourine, Sax, Baritone, Tenor, Rhythm Section, Percussion, Snare, Conga, with a Mid tempo

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