Description: Mid-tempo, soulful, R&B number.

Description: Mid-tempo soul/jazz number, featuring organ, guitar.

Description: Groovy, moody, jazzy down-tempo instrumental with swirling horns and a 60's feel. Dig it!

Description: Downtempo, thoughtful intro leads to organ led musing. Soul/R&B with some surf tones thrown in for good measure.

Description: Cool, sophisticated, mid-tempo keyboard/guitar piece with a jazzy, R&B sound.

Description: Funky soul trip, mid tempo, with guitar, organ.

Description: Brief vocal intro gives meaning to the title; breezy, jazzy, soulful guitar, organ.

Description: 70's flavor soul with Wah-Wah pedal, organ.

Description: Bright and breezy guitar augmented by organ, bass, drums. Soul sound.

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