Description: smooth jazz pop instrumental with a world rhythm that is groove oriented. Great for background..

Description: happy funk jazz with an uplifting groove - trombone and sax intro leads to tight horn section and great solos. super-funk with a boost.

Description: smooth jazz pop new age instrumental.

Description: Midtempo Jazz/Funk with hot electric guitar & tenor sax solos over a pulsating rhythm section. Great for promotions needing upbeat underscoring like TV/movie themes, sports events, party/dance clubs, beer/beverage ads, fashion & accessories, shoes, teen products, car, travel, vacation, & hotels. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz-Funk

Description: happy, upbeat and funky – television dance music! uplifting – morning vibe. energetic solos – trumpet, trombone, guitar, sax, piano, organ.

Description: smooth jazz pop instrumental. A smooth and cool groove that is engaging and exciting.

Description: jazz ensemble with soprano & tenor saxes bridging light and dark.

Description: laid-back smooth jazz. tight horn melodies with cool solos on sax, trombone, muted trumpet and organ.

Description: Lite jazz, contemporary instrumental swing jazz combo.

Description: Whether you are at the Newport Jazz Festival, jazz lounge or club, or some small intimate setting, this jazz arrangement brings together the quintessential instruments associated with this genre. This is the perfect soundtrack or backing track for your next project. Multiple lengths provide plenty of editing options.

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