Description: a tune for storytelling with piano, bass, guitar, flute marimba and drums.

Description: Jazz introduction to the film, television show, video clip game. In my portfolio a lot of jazz introductions

Description: An upbeat and happy jazz/rock tune featuring piano, bass, drums, guitar and electris piano.

Description: Jazz-Piano, Jazz, Cocktail, Relaxed, Peaceful, Nostalgic, Ballad, in a Emotional, Sensitive, Reflective mood, featuring Piano, with a Slow tempo

Description: upbeat jazz-rock a la spyro gyra. energetic & uplifting with nice melody and solos – trumpet, vibes, guitar, trombone, saxophone. smooth and funky.

Description: smooth jazz guitar instrumental.

Description: A very comfortable and relaxed tune makes you think of being with the one you love. Featuring acoustic guitar, bass, piano and drums.

Description: serious jive funk - cool urban hip with funky jazz & blues. syncopated rhythmic surprises, cool chord changes. great guitar and trombone solos.

Description: a bold and tribal sounding afro/cuban tune with piano, electric piano and bass.