Description: A soulful RnB feel groove slow and mellow gently steaming with leads and melodies over a wash of synths and vocals

Description: Laidback piano, upright bass and percussion play bluesy A/B pattern with simple melodic hooks reminiscent of traditional jazz. Suggested for underscoring bar scenes, comic relief, commercials and media spots. Also for friendly, helpful public service announcements. Key of C, 113 beats/min

Description: This is a very lively music. Cheerful and playful, light and joyful. She is very organically fit in any media project - can be used in advertising, in performances, Internet projects, we can do aerobics, you can use to break dance or street dance. Music to their positive charges. It is quite simple, there are no piles, so it easily can be cut into short pieces Using as loops.

Description: Easy voice {Rosemarie}, quick drums with laid back vibes make for a pleasant surprise trumpet at the end. Similar to "Quick & Easy" track.

Description: This quiet unhurried impressionistic music will help you to relax and to find a mental equilibrium. Jazz guitar's idioms against the background of electronic strings, free bass’s playing and an analog drum machine's rhythm patterns are piece's instrumental base.

Description: (soft rock tempo) grand piano, electric upright bass, drums and acoustic guitar; easy going melody with a happy contented feel. The struggle is over and we finally agree.

Description: This ballade is made in the spirit of an old-time jazz. A bright nice tune and a deep sound of tenor saxophone are like an unhurried heart-to-heart talk.

Description: At first I just harmonized Mozart's lullaby in jazz, but later on added flugelhorn solo. An unhurried charming melody of main theme in combination with a lively eccentric flugelhorn jazz solo and an intricate jazz guitar accompaniment create this inimitable sound.

Description: jazz ballad meets Argentine tango. Haunting “Love Theme”. upright bass, acoustic guitar, acoustic drums, bandoneon, tenor sax. Live performance.

Description: Major key, west coast, jazz-fusion-funk, Instrumental. analog synths, electric guitar, drums, fender rhodes.