Description: laid-back smooth jazz. tight horn melodies with cool solos on sax, trombone, muted trumpet and organ.

Description: Lite jazz, contemporary instrumental swing jazz combo.

Description: half swing, half bossa nova, this swing nova makes you want to move, featuring piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: a short, swingin' little number with acoustic piano, upright bass and drums (brushes).

Description: a heartwarming and encouraging jazz/rock tune with piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A modern smooth jazz lullabye that's very warm and just a little hypnotic featuring piano, guitar, bass and light percussion.

Description: Traditional American jazz with a bluesy light swing feel. Acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, drums with brushes.

Description: Laidback piano, upright bass and percussion play bluesy A/B pattern with simple melodic hooks reminiscent of traditional jazz. Suggested for underscoring bar scenes, comic relief, commercials and media spots. Also for friendly, helpful public service announcements. Key of C, 113 beats/min