Description: Laid-back, lazy jazz piece with late-night cocktail lounge feel.

Description: Groovy and cool ambient Jazz track with cool modern beat, upright bass, synths and sparse organ. Dreamy, late-night lounge feel.

Description: Upbeat, solo jazz piano piece. Carefree, happy and very swingy.

Description: Carefree and sophisticated swinging jazz piece with classic old-time sound!

Description: Sophisticated, elegant old-time swing piece with full-band orchestration. Happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Description: Laid-back jazzy lounge track

Description: Cool, groovy track with late-night lounge bar feel. Drums, piano and bass.

Description: Cool jazz piece with elegant lounge feel

Description: Spacious Chill-Out groove track with cool Hip Hop beat, organ, bass, synths and pads.

Description: Smooth jazz track with elegant late night lounge feel

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