Description: A very general,sweet to the ear 41 bar synth solo,this track has the bossa jazz feel.

Description: a general groove containing a cool beat , pads , and a bass that cuts through .

Description: This track can appeal to the masses as its Pop and Jazz elements create a a very delightful feel with live guitars , live bass , meant to create a welcoming friendly atmosphere .

Description: This song comes to my mind whenever I get chills about something exciting , a trumpet that wakes the soul , drums that want more , keyboards , percussion , piano together as one .

Description: Contains beautiful pads,funky live drums with intense fills,live bass,gentle piano riff

Description: I wrote this song when I arrived home , a release from the pressure , uplifting pads , electronic piano , s bass that moves , live drums with joyful fills .

Description: I wrote this song as inspiration when I was getting closer to home , this song involves the feelings of arriving , anxious , joyful , doubtful , pleased .

Description: I wrote this song when I was searching for hope , I was inspired to write a airy but funky vibe , with musical movement .

Description: I wrote this song when I was trying to get in touch with conflicting emotions , The drums described aggression of the changes in my life , the strings are in loving place , the steel drums took me away .