Description: a very fast paced and nervous jazz swing tune with piano, bass, guitar, mandolin, vibes, cellos and celeste.

Description: Our eclectic arrangement of "Ja-Da", written by Bob Carlton (©1918 Leo Feist, Inc., New York) opens with a stride acoustic piano solo, then progresses to a male vocal with scat lyrics, thence to an extended baritone saxophone solo, and closes with a dixieland band flourish.

Description: "Little Elm Stomp" is good-times music - - an upbeat Dixieland arrangement that features trumpet, trombone, and clarinet backed by guitar, acoustic piano, bass and drums. A two-chorus 1920s-style baritone saxophone solo also is featured.

Description: "Struttin'"is a New Orleans parade-style, keep-on-truckin' tune that features clarinet lead followed by trombone and baritone saxophone solo choruses backed by acoustic piano, acoustic bass and drums. Our arrangement can be used to transition between scenes in a film or television historical or period production.

Description: A relaxed yet deliberate New Orleans march with a friendly and comfortable feel.

Description: A joyous and energetic tune with classic multi improvisation between clarinet, trumpet and trombone.

Description: A minor key march with a positive vibe, very party-like. Also has a touch of ethnicity like Russian or Eastern European.

Description: A fun and childlike dixieland tune with a party atmosphere.

Description: A happy and moving tune with a great interplay between the clarinet, trumpet and trombone.

Description: A dixieland feel with the harmony of Broadway. Very determined and interesting.

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