Description: A classic dixieland instrumentation plays more in the style of the cool jazz of the sixties.

Description: This positive driving track is great to show off speed / sports / fashion.

Description: Light hearted, playful and easy-going jazz tune. Traditional jazz band setup with piano, brush drums, bass, trumpet, trombone and subtle, clean acoustic guitar,cartoon .relax,Like a walk in the park,

Description: American Jazz from the nineteen 40's and 50's era dedicated to the great Benny Goodman and Earl Gardner. Mid tempo stride style piano and clarinet are featured with New Orlean, N Y, Chicago feel. Great music for Home Improvement Television Cooking Shows, Documentaries of American History.

Description: "Little Elm Stomp" is good-times music - - an upbeat Dixieland arrangement that features trumpet, trombone, and clarinet backed by guitar, acoustic piano, bass and drums. A two-chorus 1920s-style baritone saxophone solo also is featured.

Description: Dixieland band featuring banjo, tuba, and the whole live dixieland band battery. Complete with dixie section with trumpet, clarinet, rhythm section, and tailgate trombone. Floating down the mighty Mississippi river, Chicago to New Orleans.

Description: A dixieland feel with the harmony of Broadway. Very determined and interesting.

Description: A very 1920's jazz era tune with a snappy rhythm section and moving harmony.

Description: Dixieland version of well known American gospel hymn.

Description: Jazz, Historic, Historic-1920'S, Historic-1940'S, Historic-1950'S, Blues, Jazz-Dixieland, Sexy, Groovy, Fun, Excited, Exotic, Nostalgic, Loose, in a Playful mood, featuring Drums, Trumpet, Muted, Brass, with a Slow tempo

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