Description: This ambient jazz loop would be useful for projects looking for music assets to illustrate film noir or detective mystery parodies.

Description: Mellow groove with fender rhodes & wah guitar combined with trumpet phrases

Description: The sound of a classic jazz combo in a smoky club. Features 4 looping versions: 1. contemporary mix, band only 2. contemporary mix, band + sax 3. vintage mix (w/ record scratches), band only 4. vintage mix (w/ record scratches), band + sax. Perfect for Black History Month.

Description: A smooth, atmospheric jazz track with just the right amount of swing. Conjures images of movement, stealth, loneliness, and introspection.

Description: A chilled out jazz rock groove featuring rhodes electric piano, bass and drums. Laid back and cool mood.

Description: A relaxing and chilled-out track featuring jazz guitar, keys, vibraphone, organ and walking bass. With interwoven themes and lead instruments, it has a cool, fresh groove throughout. Mellow and clean, it's ideal for a lounge, bar, restaurant or coffee shop, and perfect for TV, advertising or Film.