Description: A warm and sensitive tune that invites friendship and good feelings. Classic cocktail party theme. Featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Cool jazz piece with elegant lounge feel

Description: Quirky and plucky, uptempo, whimsical, happy jazz. Featuring sax, vibes, double bass, brush kit, bass clarinet and organ. Commercial length cuts 60, 40, 30 , 11 sec all with main mix and underscores.

Description: Bluesy, mysterious jazz quartet featuring smoky saxophone solos combined with drums, upright bass, and piano. Dark, sexy, and gritty.

Description: Avenues normally run parallel except in Pittsburgh, PA. featuring piano, vibes, bass and drums in a musical nod to the Cool Jazz style of Dave Brubeck, in 5/4 time.

Description: Light nightclub jazz groove with piano and rhythm section.

Description: This is a jazzy fast and smooth swing music. it is great for lounge and fashion intro, restaurant and cooking shows, smoking and chicago scenes, new york and urban moods, comedy and funny detective music, midnight and night club scenes ,jazz and swing background and much more.

Description: cool new jazz tune with hip hop style and credible piano solos.

Description: Laid-back jazzy lounge track

Description: An energetic and melodic jazz swing tune with a lively and crisp drummer with great brush work. Features also piano, acoustic bass, vibes and acoustic guitar.

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