Description: An energetic and melodic jazz swing tune with a lively and crisp drummer with great brush work. Features also piano, acoustic bass, vibes and acoustic guitar.

Description: Cool jazz piano trio cooks on a mellow groove. Understated and sophisticated very retro very hip.

Description: Avenues normally run parallel except in Pittsburgh, PA. featuring piano, vibes, bass and drums in a musical nod to the Cool Jazz style of Dave Brubeck, in 5/4 time.

Description: A great smooth and classy jazz track

Description: Slightly eccentric, whimsical and quirky cool jazz. Features Jazz Guitar, Brush kit, Vibes and Double Bass. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30, and 10 sec versions

Description: A two-beat gypsy jazz tune with acoustic guitar lead, electric piano, bass and drums.

Description: Very elegant Jazz song with harmoica and a little funky guitar riff, with some heavy ass and background ambience. Really just flows right into your head. By film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: A light and airy jazz swing with a very positive outlook, featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A very laid back jazz swing tune that creates new interest every two bars featuring piano, bass and drums.

Description: A light and fun jazz swing tune with electric piano, guitar, bass and drums.