Description: Jazz In love smoke of Instruments. Flute is lead instrument of powerful Epic Adventures Melodic jazz music with playful instruments and phrases of vocal: "this is the love". Music imitating jam session for more organic feelings with fellow vinyl sound to find perfect smoke jazz bars in composition. Mood Is uplifting motivational smoke and inspirational powerful jazz jam music featuring organ, flute, drums, bass, contrabass, double bass, funk bass, jam vocal lines, piano, jazz piano and guitar.

Description: A mellow, finger snapping cool piano jazz trio (piano, bass, light percussion) piece that sounds very classy and sophisticated, a 1950's or 1960’s late night cocktail in a secluded hideaway. For noir type film TV or radio productions, background music, underscore, radio, video, advertisements, malls, Instrumental, Jazz, Lounge Jazz

Description: A Bossa Nova track influenced by the classic 'Girl From Ipanema.' Features melody on Piano, Saxophone remeniscent of the sweet sound of Stan Getz, upright Bass, Guitar and Drums. Instrumental, Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz

Description: After the song’s opening bars, the tune progresses nicely into a jazzy feeling of sophisticated and harmonious happiness.

Description: An out of-the-way smooth jazz composition that leaves lots of room for your voice-over.

Description: A jazzy cue with a bossa nova groove with lots of strings and piano.

Description: A jazzy track with bass, drums, piano, brass and strings.

Description: Samba song with elements of modern jazz. Performed by a live guitar, flute, brass, percussion and piano.

Description: Easy listening jazz perfect for lounges, bars, cafes and chill out sessions. The theme is performed by saxophone, accompanied by piano, guitar, bass, drums and slight strings at the back.

Description: Jazz band playing a cool blues sequence