Description: This ambient jazz loop would be useful for projects looking for music assets to illustrate film noir or detective mystery parodies.

Description: A swinging jazz quartet with a classic feel and sound, ala' Bill Evans or Oscar Petersen. The name implies that we all know someone who's a little foolish at times, even ourselves. It featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A warm and sensitive tune that invites friendship and good feelings. Classic cocktail party theme. Featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Happy, smooth and relaxing lounge jazz with a retro feel. Instruments include, vibraphone, electric organ, drums and electric guitar.

Description: A light hearted and mellow jazz swing with piano, bass, guitar and drums.

Description: Laid-back, mellow jazz phrases with a hint of train-like drums suggesting movement or progress. Features soulful saxophone and occasional perky electric guitar licks.

Description: jazz trumpet combo on a theme, with a raw live sound, featuring solo trumpet.

Description: walking bass line, cool piano line, easy jazz groove.

Description: An easy-going jazz swing with piano, bass, drums with brushes and acoustic guitar.

Description: Vibraphone, brush snare, and upright bass in a jaunty, jazzy short musical transition.