Description: Bouncy with a light latin rhythm and Jazzy acoustic piano create a carefree and happy mood.

Description: Laidback Smooth Jazz featuring bluesy electric guitar in a mellow and carefree mood.

Description: Straight ahead Jazz featuring a swinging acoustic piano solo creates a bouncy and easy going feel.

Description: Bouncy with a funk groove, solo electric guitar and light wah wah guitar create a laidback mood with a vintage feel.

Description: Laidback with a mixture of R&B, Soul and Smooth Jazz featuring a ""George Benson"" style electric guitar.

Description: Solo piano tango. An alluring and flowing theme.

Description: Light and Jazzy solo electric guitar feature creates an introspective and warm mood.

Description: Nostalgic piano theme. Romantic and sweet arrangement with a wistful melody.

Description: Determined with a repetitive groove, solo flute, DJ scratches and Jazz elements create a slick and confident mood.

Description: Light and breezy with a mixture of Latin Jazz and Smooth Jazz featuring electric guitar create a carefree and happy mood.