Description: Laidback vibes, upright bass, acoustic guitar and drums play bluesy 51 second loop pattern with simple melodic hooks reminiscent of traditional jazz.

Description: The club is almost empty, the bass amp rattles the snare, and I am tired of it all.

Description: cool jazz melody, guitar/piano quartet

Description: 5/4 meter, melodic, introspective, soprano sax feature

Description: Modern Jazz Chords + melody, guitar piano quartet

Description: Bouncy and light with intricate rhythms and featuring soprano sax in the style of Smooth Jazz.

Description: Laidback with a repetitive groove, solo flute, DJ scratches and Jazz elements create a slick and confident mood.

Description: Bouncy with a light latin rhythm and Jazzy acoustic piano create a carefree and happy mood.

Description: Laidback Smooth Jazz featuring bluesy electric guitar in a mellow and carefree mood.