Description: A solo piano swing tune perfect for those unexpected cold mornings.

Description: Fast jazz song with piano, double bass and drums.

Description: a horace silver type jazz swing tune with piano, bass and guitar.

Description: A solo piano swing tune perfect for gazing into the future and seeking happiness.

Description: a classic jazzy track that utilizes well pianos and other modern instruments.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Cocktail, Elegant, Feel Good, Flowing, Leisure, Laid Back, Mellow, Peaceful, Relaxed, Romantic, Soft, Smooth, in a Romantic mood, featuring Bass, Sax, Piano, Rhythm Section, Tenor, with a Slow tempo

Description: A riff based jazz swing tune full of agreement and compromise with piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, sax and drums with brushes.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Active, Jumpy, Bright, Cheery, Driving, Feel Good, Positive, Light, Vibrant, in a Energetic, Positive mood, featuring Drums, Sax, Tenor, Trumpet, Muted, Piano, Grand, Trombone, with a Fast tempo

Description: Uplifting joyful hopeful motivational yearning beautiful happy soothing calming reassuring jazzy relaxing bebop chilled business corporate music holiday travel freedom enjoyment guitars drums bass piano bells.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Nostalgic, Romantic, Elegant, in a Romantic mood, featuring Vocals, Male, with a Mid tempo