Description: an unconventional swing jazz tune with piano, bass, drums with brushes, guitar, vibes, marimba and flute.

Description: a sassy and fun jazz tune with piano, guitar, bass and flute.

Description: a fun jazz swing tune with piano, bass, guitar, vibes, flute and drums.

Description: a fun and flowing jazz waltz with piano, electric piano, electric bass and acoustic guitar.

Description: a traditional jazz swing done in the style of the nat king cole trio with piano, acoustic bass and acoustic guitar.

Description: an afro-cuban jazz tune full of suspense and expectation featuring piano, bass, vibes, flute and percussion.

Description: old school small combo swing jazz with piano, guitar and bass.

Description: kin of weird blues performed by saxophone quartet.

Description: fast jazz tune performed by saxophone quartet with alto solo.

Description: odd meter minor blues performed by jazz quaret.

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