Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Laid Back, Mellow, Peaceful, Relaxed, Romantic, in a Romantic mood, featuring Vibraphone, Guitar, Electric, with a Slow tempo

Description: a horace silver type jazz swing tune with piano, bass and guitar.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Active, Jumpy, Bright, Cheery, Driving, Feel Good, Positive, Light, Vibrant, in a Energetic, Positive mood, featuring Drums, Sax, Tenor, Trumpet, Muted, Piano, Grand, Trombone, with a Fast tempo

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Feel Good, Leisure, Positive, Mellow, Smooth, Struttin, in a Positive, Confident mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Muted, Piano, with a Mid tempo

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Cheery, Leisure, Positive, Smooth, Light, in a Fun, Exciting, Positive mood, featuring Piano, Guitar, Rhythm Section, Electric, Brass, with a Fast tempo

Description: piano driven slow jazz/lounge ballad.

Description: Slow lazy jazz vibes accompany sixties style electric guitar in this downbeat jazzy blues track. The track starts to build as piano and more acoustic instruments collide with doo-wop vocals to add that extra bit of jazzy class atmosphere which has a slight smokey nightlife feel.

Description: A very hip and cool jazz track highlighted by flutes and vibes with solo trombone. Drums are played by brushes with conga sections.

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