Description: Uptempo big band music in a fun mood, suitable for swing dancing. Raucous trumpet solo midway. Recorded live - not synthesized/sampled.

Description: Sophisticated, elegant old-time swing piece with full-band orchestration. Happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Description: Down and Dirty, depression era feel, sassy solos

Description: Sultry solo jazz piano to provide background for a fine dining, nightclub scene, slow bluesy tempo designed for relaxing in an elegant restaurant lounge Heartfelt emotional melody from a Steinway grand piano. Broadcast ready classic Gershwin stylings for any media use where smooth piano is needed

Description: Exquisite and sophisticated piano solo in the style and tradition of George Gershwin and Cole Porter. Excellent as background source music for fine dining, intimate cocktails, grand hotels and high society gatherings. Designed for relaxing and elegant restaurant lounge environments.

Description: Carefree and sophisticated swinging jazz piece with classic old-time sound!

Description: a gypsy jazz tune like paris in the 20s featuring piano, acoustic bass and guitar.

Description: a fun, high energy jazz swing tune with piano, guitar, bass and vibes.

Description: a very slow jazz ballad with piano, bass and drums with brushes.

Description: A 1920s style big band composition featuring sax, trumpet, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Its a wacky and fun 1 minute spot piece.

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