Description: A driving, cooking jazz swing tune with rhythm and harmony that propels the melody upward featuring piano, guitar, acoustic bass and ukulele.

Description: a warm jazz ballad featuring, piano, bass and drums.

Description: A very easy going jazz swing tune for those mellow summer days sippin sweat tea on the font porch with friends featuring piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, clarinet and trumpet.

Description: Big Band Swing describes this song. It is perfect for that nostalgic dance party, or 1930-40’s themed event or movie. It is grand and fun featuring horns, brass and drums. This timeless piece is sure to have your audience toe tapping and moving to the bouncy rhythm.

Description: Old style gypsy jazz as heard from a 1920s gramophone. Uses acoustic guitars for the rhythm and lead. It's got a bit of a cabaret feel to it as well.

Description: The good old days of prohibition, going to Cuba and drinking some rum.

Description: a bright and playful 1920s style jazz tune with piano, accordion, mandolin, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and drums.

Description: A fun, 1920s style big band composition. Filtered to sound like its coming out of an old radio.