Description: A song of total relaxation in your favorite recliner chair featuring piano, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and vibes.

Description: Upbeat and bouncy, in the style of Gypsy Jazz. Featuring violin and acoustic guitar that creates a playful and celebratory mood. Quirky, Campy, Mischievous, Historical, Instrumental, Jazz, Continental Jazz

Description: A secretive and plotting swing tune that worries about everything, featuring piano, vibes, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: a slow jazz ballad with piano, bass, guitar and vibes.

Description: a relaxed and homey slow swing tune with piano, bass, drums, guitar and mandolin.

Description: An old ragtime favorite! A great piece of upbeat and uptempo classic 1920's and roaring twenties style ragtime music hall piano. A classic piece of 20s music, created with instruments from the era and decade. Capture that classic forties sound and evoke that 1920s feeling in your next project.

Description: a dual tempo jazz tune that alternates between slow and doubletime speeds featuring, piano, guitar and bass.

Description: A slightly mysterious and quirky tune featuring piano, trombone, guitar, drums and acoustic bass.