Description: Energetic 1930s style swing jazz featuring vibraphone solos.

Description: A vintage, small country ballad orchestra ensemble with a sweet romantic retro mood.

Description: A quirky and fun gypsy jazz tune with a fun and humorous drummer playing on the rims of the drums, also featuring piano, acoustic guitar, marimba, ukulele and acoustic bass.

Description: Easy going and confident the bagel man has your perfect comfort food featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and ukulele.

Description: A frenetic, fun and deliberate gypsy jazz tune with piano, accordion, guitar, marimba, flute and acoustic bass.

Description: a slow jazz ballad with piano, bass, guitar and vibes.

Description: A gypsy jazz tune full of whimsy and frivolity that conjures up any number of unusual situations one finds themselves in, featuring accordion, piano, guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: a minor-key gypsy jazz swing tune with piano, guitar, bass and mandolin.

Description: a very easy going slow swing jazz tune with piano, bass, guitar, flute, marimba and drums with brushes.