Description: A dark, driving electro/industrial behemoth! This is a brutal track with memorable hooks. The sound of a robot punching you in the face, but you love it.

Description: An industrial metal theme, this track starts out with a machinery noise in the background. A heavy and broken guitar riff is taking shape until it comes blasting in full mode, with doubled guitars, bass, kick and crash. A couple of cool breakdowns happen along the way, but the riff is always noisy and relentless.

Description: intolerable shockwaves. eftos forces ebm into antiform. tonal eftos is over.

Description: Forward, Spot Positive Industrial Medium Advertizing.

Description: killercore antimusic without rules.

Description: Rhythmic news theme on synth and percussion.

Description: Industry game tribal dark gloomy dark night primitive.

Description: Fast track is suitable for riding scenes, with a sense of speed, wind and lights.

Description: An energetic, upbeat and modern track with catchy, aggressive pop guitar hooks, a driving beat, cool transitions and overall positive attitude. Great for extreme sports videos, commercials, websites, presentations, YouTube videos, racing, sports, and any project that needs great, high-powered energy and testosterone! advertising, beat, big beat, commercial, cool, driving, electric guitar, energetic, energy, exciting, extreme, exuberant, fast, fun, high-energy, modern, pop, positive, power, punk, racing, rebellious, rock, snowboarding, speed, sports, testosterone, upbeat, uplifting

Description: Flowing, hi-tech rhythmic sequencers, blend with distorted electric guitars. Very mechanical, very scientific, very industrial. Main mix, u/score, 60sec, 60sec alt, 30sec, 10sec and logo phrase versions