Description: industrial electronica music composed by jamie robertson.

Description: Rock Pop Industrial Light Medium Up-tempo Quick Friendly Positive Determined Confident Strong Strength Piano Synthesizer Drums Bass Electric Guitar Strings Action Background Morning Travelling Moving American Contemporary Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Business.

Description: Strong and confident theme with rhythm section and orchestra.

Description: An industrial metal theme, this track starts out with a machinery noise in the background. A heavy and broken guitar riff is taking shape until it comes blasting in full mode, with doubled guitars, bass, kick and crash. A couple of cool breakdowns happen along the way, but the riff is always noisy and relentless.

Description: intolerable shockwaves. eftos forces ebm into antiform. tonal eftos is over.

Description: Forward, Spot Positive Industrial Medium Advertizing.

Description: killercore antimusic without rules.