Description: Emotionally: huge and ominous alien machinery is drilling through the earth's core to reach the last human stronghold. Will they survive? This music speaks of determination, power and authority. Musically: industrial music with modular analog synths and steady beat. The melody keeps evolving and changing in subtle ways throughout the song.

Description: Apocalyptic and bleak industrial music. Suitable for dark, scary and bleak productions.

Description: Dirty saw synths and distorted bass drums with eerie synth melodies. This distortionalized sucker will pack a punch into your wildest dreams! If you're looking for something unique and special....

Description: Dark pads, piano and atmospheric bass.

Description: Darkened electronica with blast-beats and extreme vocals. Features a wide variety of powerful black soundscapes.

Description: Hard and evil industrial drums that build up into a cataclysmic breakdown of drums and distorted synths. Reeks of dark determination and power.

Description: Smashing industrial beats with Berlin style arpeggios. Vocoded vocals used sparsely for effect.

Description: Grounded in industrial electronica this song is seething with militant power and occult distorted lyrics. Perfect for horror vibes or demonstrations where an air of otherworldly domination is needed.

Description: Dark, satanic and evil. Electro-based with bleak, spoken vocals.

Description: Hard electro-industrial rave music. Distorted harsh vocals. Heavy and evil.

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