Description: RHYTHM 001 90 E is an ideal musical piece for being mixed with his “soft” version.

Description: Invasion Bug Atmosphere stunning sci fi industrial, experimental acid, with low distortion That beat on the snare drum, electronic, effects Which Vary from one step to another ..molti Also on psychedelic sound column from science fiction movies, sci fi, acid, very attractive. . a dark and harsh environment .. this is a track very hard ..

Description: Powerful, dark opening into a rich and forward.

Description: 6 differents parts drums & fx rythms sound design waterworl bubbles original music by french pro composer never heard before no infinite loops always something new have a listen to the others tracks same name ABCD.... for more use in documentary 120 BPM for easy edits

Description: slow and pensive shades of darkness crashing into electronic industrial rhythms

Description: a driving industrial styled soundtrack

Description: Hard driving industrial experimental electronica. For when nails hammered into your forehead still isn't enough.

Description: hardcore techno track by fluid dynamic

Description: stomping old school electronic track with edgy industrial overtones and an explosive breakdown in the middle

Description: sleezy and unruly opening that morphs into an ill-feeling dark pad-driven electronic piece

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