Description: Mechanical serious industrious machinery strong confident.

Description: Intense Rave groove with huge drumming and threatening synth hops

Description: Great slow funky song for any small production.

Description: An industrial metal theme, this track starts out with a machinery noise in the background. A heavy and broken guitar riff is taking shape until it comes blasting in full mode, with doubled guitars, bass, kick and crash. A couple of cool breakdowns happen along the way, but the riff is always noisy and relentless.

Description: An energetic multi instrumental composition which may be used as a symbol of development, expansion, progress, extension, growth, advancement or restoration. First part (ca. 25 seconds) represents anything at the beginning and the second part represents changes, motion etc. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: Industrial, orch rock, warhammer style, guitar, rocking, metal

Description: Psyhodelic atmospheric industrial compostion.

Description: Industrial Ambient Track mixing elements of Rock and Electronic influences.

Description: A dark, sleek, driving indie EDM track. The track kicks off with big electronic drums and chugging electric guitar. The feeling evokes a scene from a dark alley in the future where a street fight breaks out. Distorted bass comes in to drive up the aggression and the song finished off with a video game-esque synth resonating through the track.

Description: Hectic, chaotic and futuristic analog electro. Good for car games, sci-fi movies, or anything involving lots of movement!