Description: Modern music loop in industrial metal style. Volume increases gradually. Pulsing and tension guitar sound, action drums. Ideal background music for moving images, travelling at speed, intros, motion, transition, action game and films, moving on and away.

Description: A powerful and energetic theme that will elevate your project to professional standards. Recorded with analogue electric guitars, the sound sounds huge and electrifying making it very cinematic and easy to use for your video/project. This will fit best for sport oriented projects like outdoor sports, extreme sports, gym exercises etc etc. This is the short loop version

Description: Electronic dance music in a positive, inspirational style. Easy soaring sound. Ideal for advertising campaigns of sporting goods, technology and electronics, public service announcements with a positive meaning.

Description: Electronic technology track with hi-tech, trance, industrial atmosphere.

Description: Electronic technology track with hi-tech, trance, industrial atmosphere.

Description: Track is giving a feeling of fast movement, compressed time.

Description: Robotic Industrial audio loop has an aggressive intense action vibe.

Description: Extremely powerful and driving song. Great for a scene with fast cars and shooting!

Description: In a world of future technology, changes are rapid. This composition speaks of electronic revolution reminiscent of Neo inside the Matrix. Here is also told the story of great construction of either architecture or the man himself. Technical specifications: - fast rolling modular bassline - acoustic heavily compressed drums - 113 bpm - seamless loop

Description: An electric and unusual blend of ambient, industrial and hard rock, with swirling swooner synth textures, down-tempo style drums and occasional dark piano. Moody and gloomy, but also mellow and floating. Great for science, technology and mystery, but also for action, extreme sports.