Description: A hardcore track with dirty synth parts and modern drum loops.

Description: A happy and energetic dance track with powerful synth parts and a driving beat.

Description: A dark and cool Dub Step track with modern synth parts and drum grooves.

Description: An aggressive dance track with exploding drums and cool synth parts.

Description: A dark, driving electro/industrial behemoth! This is a brutal track with memorable hooks. The sound of a robot punching you in the face, but you love it.

Description: A hardcore dub step track with industrial drum grooves and powerful synth lines.

Description: A high energy dance track with pulsing drums and cool vocal and synth parts.

Description: A very hip dance track with a driving beat adding to awesome vocal and synth parts.

Description: A high energy dub-step track with great rhythm and powerful synth sounds.

Description: A dark and strange industrial soundscape track with haunting pads and distorted percussion.