Description: A very hip dance track with a driving beat adding to awesome vocal and synth parts.

Description: A high energy dub-step track with great rhythm and powerful synth sounds.

Description: A dark and strange industrial soundscape track with haunting pads and distorted percussion.

Description: A groove-based industrial soundscape with dark percussion and sweeping ambience.

Description: A dark and very cool dub step track anchored by awesome drum loops and synth parts.

Description: A very modern track featuring funky guitars, industrial bass and drums and cool synth lines.

Description: An energetic industrial track with weird percussion and ambiences.

Description: A great groove-based track with quirky synth parts and modern dub-step loops.

Description: A unique hybrid track featuring dub step grooves and orchestral strings with modern bass.

Description: Ultra modern and hip, this track has awesome synth parts and heavy drum loops.