Description: A hardcore Dub Step track with awesome drums and synth parts.

Description: A dark and cool Dub Step track with modern synth parts and drum grooves.

Description: Warm feelings expressed with piano and orchestra.

Description: An instrumental industrial rock tune full of heavy guitars and synthesizers.

Description: Hell yeah, shoot em', blow them up, they deserve it, they have killed you several times over already. This should get you more lives.

Description: Lightly strummed guitars around a groovy bass line and solid rhythm, guitar lead at end

Description: A very modern track featuring funky guitars, industrial bass and drums and cool synth lines.

Description: Industrial rock influenced heavy sounding but medium tempo. Pop rock chorus with male vocals.

Description: Does a snow cone come in different flavors? Why yes. So does this track with many crazy flavors. Slam the door with freaky guitar and wild metallic beats

Description: Dark pads, piano and atmospheric bass.