Description: Powerful and energetic Heavy Metal musical composition, ideal sound for films, presentations, video and video games, also other projects.

Description: Industrial Metal, Banging it out like, Prong, Rammstein, Static-X. Dark like Vampires, Strippers, Muscle Cars.

Description: Dark eerie melody that rises in energy. Excellent for background music, web, video and presentations. Also ideal for commercials, fitness videos and motivational movies soundtracks. It's a great choice for your youtube videos, promotional videos and marketing use.

Description: An epic percussion track with rising and intensifying rhythms and layers closing with an uplifting and climatic end.

Description: Epic drums and metals. Each section rises and intensifies to a climatic ending.

Description: Action Trailer is beautiful cinematic track with emotional vibe, and will be perfect as trailer music for movies of all genres films with elegant, or brave, fighting and heroic characters, fantasy films, also as energetic sport, extreme, background positive music in advertising, inspiring, corporate, romantic, motivation projects, mobile,computer games, YouTube videos, and more.

Description: Fashion Luxury is an intense song with the purpose of helping promote a good-looking product such as a car, a phone, or even a shoe. The instruments used in this track are a piano, an electric guitar, as well as some strings and a beat. The song is meant for ads and so forth but it can also be used in a trailer, movie scene, presentation, or even a corporate video to showcase a new building, etc. The track is simple yet its effect is everlasting, the audience will be awed by the end so we hope you like and enjoy it. Thanks! Moods that go along with the track are: Intense, luxury, advertisement, corporate, suspenseful, and action.

Description: After thinking hard about it, it’s time to do what’s necessary. No more hang fire for him. He’s gonna get it done.

Description: Helicopter (Aggressive, Energetic, Uplifting, Speed)

Description: Electronic dance music in a positive, inspirational style. Easy soaring sound. Ideal for advertising campaigns of sporting goods, technology and electronics, public service announcements with a positive meaning.