Description: stomping old school industrial styled track with weird shortwave type synth effects and driving bass

Description: Emotionally: huge and ominous alien machinery is drilling through the earth's core to reach the last human stronghold. Will they survive? This music speaks of determination, power and authority. Musically: industrial music with modular analog synths and steady beat. The melody keeps evolving and changing in subtle ways throughout the song.

Description: The end of a long breakup explodes emotionally with this song. Heavy beats, catchy vocals and an epic ending round out this awesome track.

Description: Progressive metal trance track with pulsing sound, catchy dance rhythm, atmospheric pads, sweep effect, modern electronic synths, drums, bass, overdrive, heavy guitar. You can apply for illustrating the action scenes, video production, energetic transitions, extreme sports movie, action game, futuristic films, youtube videos, gameplay and other projects in need of a modern and powerful sound.

Description: Grim and dark electronic groove with an eerie and foreboding mood.

Description: RHYTHM 001 soft 90 E is an ideal musical piece for being mixed with RHYTHM 001 90 E

Description: After thinking hard about it, it’s time to do what’s necessary. No more hang fire for him. He’s gonna get it done.

Description: A gritty and dark introduction leads to an edgy and foreboding feel creating a foreboding and ominous mood.

Description: "Lodge" is a throwback to early 80s goth, reminiscent of Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. A sparse yet emotional track, evoking a brooding atmosphere.

Description: syncopated intro leads into synth sequence with heavy guitar chords, fx leads