Description: Piano and strings with more concern and tension than in ww700168.

Description: Free, Industrial Light Slow Casual Moderate Calm Gentle Peaceful Warm Friendly Care Caring Human Positive Piano Strings Transition Interlude Background Love Family Television TV Movies Films.

Description: Alternate version of ww700160 with conclusion.

Description: Alternate version of ww700160.

Description: Light and cheerful electric piano solo into a warm ending with strings and synth.

Description: Light, building background piece with rhythm section and strings.

Description: Spacey introduction into strong and determined industrial track, suspended ending.

Description: Insistant rhythm track that climbs and builds as it goes.

Description: Bold, hard, Orchestral Drama Industrial Spot Transition Moderate Medium Up-tempo Warm Human Positive Confident Strong Strength Proud Hard Serious Intense Passionate Piano Drums Harp French horn Strings Percussion Timpani Orchestra Action Tension Conclusion Resolution Background War Militarism Pastoral Travelling Moving Contemporary Modern Industry Television TV Radio Movies Advertizing Films.

Description: Evocative piano and orchestral portrait.