Description: Shorter version of ww700095, with resolved ending.

Description: Strong news program theme with orchestra.

Description: Insistant rhythm punctuated my synthesizers and other instruments.

Description: Suitable for action videogames, speedy races and other. Factory Conveyor motion, robotic machine. Conveyor Belt, Rollers, Metal, Spinning. Nice for advertisement, DJ's, night club, TV, Radio, Show, Commerce

Description: This electro-metal track delivers a demolishing guitar riffs, dirty and rusty drums, distorted Industrial percussion and straight-up techno-alike bass synths.

Description: slow and pensive shades of darkness crashing into electronic industrial rhythms

Description: stomping old school electronic track with edgy industrial overtones and an explosive breakdown in the middle

Description: Forward, Spot Positive Industrial Medium.

Description: Hard, Industrial Quick Positive Building Determined Confident Piano Synthesizer Drums Bass Flute Horns Strings Timpani Action Travelling American Contemporary Industry Communications Politics Elections Up-tempo.

Description: Hard, Industrial Spot Medium Up-tempo Fast Positive Building Determined Confident Strong Strength Serious Synthesizer Drums Bass Strings Percussion Chase Action Moving Contemporary Modern Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing News Business.