Description: Rock Pop Industrial Light Medium Up-tempo Quick Friendly Positive Determined Confident Strong Strength Piano Synthesizer Drums Bass Electric Guitar Strings Action Background Morning Travelling Moving American Contemporary Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Business.

Description: Insistant synth rhythm with piano/electric piano accents.

Description: Dark, electronic textures introduce an insistant synth rhythm.

Description: Modern variation on theme from ww700122, with rhythm section and strings.

Description: Alternate spot version of ww700122, warm and friendly main theme on piano amd strings.

Description: Spot version of ww700122, harsh open into warm and friendly main theme.

Description: Hard, Spot Positive Piano Strings Drums Medium Advertizing.

Description: Alternate short, transitional version of ww700135, on electric piano.

Description: Short, transitional version of ww700135.