Description: Extended version of ww700027 with piano close.

Description: Suitable for action videogames, speedy races and other. Factory Conveyor motion, robotic machine. Conveyor Belt, Rollers, Metal, Spinning. Nice for advertisement, DJ's, night club, TV, Radio, Show, Commerce.

Description: Light and good, Industrial Light Casual Moderate Medium Gentle Warm Friendly Love Loving Care Caring Sweetness Human Happy Happiness Positive Piano Drums Bass Flute Oboe Strings Orchestra Conclusion Resolution Interlude Background Love Rural Pastoral Family Morning Politics Elections Television TV Radio Movies Films.

Description: Light industrial background featuring electric piano.

Description: Energetic, driving, rousing and dynamic industrial rock! Perfect for action scenes, extreme videos, fightings, sports, racing and flying videos, adventures, travels, slideshows, featurettes, viral marketing, video blogs, advertising, video games and movies, audio collections and other projects. Enjoyable listening!

Description: An energetic multi instrumental composition which may be used as a symbol of development, expansion, progress, extension, growth, advancement or restoration. First part (ca. 25 seconds) represents anything at the beginning and the second part represents changes, motion etc. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: Industrial clockwork that rocks

Description: Insistant rhythm drives a strong and optimistic mood.

Description: A powerful and energetic theme that will elevate your project to professional standards. Recorded with analogue electric guitars, the sound sounds huge and electrifying making it very cinematic and easy to use for your video/project. This will fit best for sport oriented projects like outdoor sports, extreme sports, gym exercises etc etc. This is the looped version

Description: Light rhythm pattern on synthesizer with warm melodic overlay.

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