Description: Alternate spot version of ww700122, warm and friendly main theme on piano amd strings.

Description: Positive, bright & uplifting electronic light theme. Has a modern busy corporate pop feel, with interesting rhythmic synth-sequencer patterns flowing and interweaving together. Great for Telephone On-Hold, Multimedia, Lighter Technical, Design, Factual and TV Reality. Main & 30sec mixes

Description: Down and dirty industrial electro track, distorted machine like synths and a driving percussive beat. Superb for underscore to a thrilling visual or chase scene. Will work well for any high octane visual, sports/trailer/promos anything that needs a positive driven vibe

Description: Grungy heavy metal loop with lots of aggression and confidence. Suitable for action videogames, cinema, You Tube videos, filmmaking and other.

Description: Electronic technology track with hi-tech, trance, industrial atmosphere.

Description: Extremely powerful and driving song. Great for a scene with fast cars and shooting!

Description: A great groove-based track with quirky synth parts and modern dub-step loops.

Description: Grim and dark electronic groove with an eerie and foreboding mood.

Description: Gritty and dark electronic groove with a solemn and foreboding mood.

Description: At journey's end, the sweet anticipation as the door opens to a warm fire and gentle embrace. Piano and nothing else!

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