Description: Bright pure music, it is very simple. Gentle harmony, there is only light notes of air guitar and piano, drums strings, electro royal . Music motivates, which prompts the soul to open up, enjoy each new day. This music can be operated in different areas of Media.

Description: Bright, calm, positive music. The expression of joy and celebration. Tender and sensual. Perfectly suitable for accompany of family video, for sensual New Year show, plays, also for television, radio and much more. The music is very simple, catchy and easy for cut or lengthen.

Description: A merry positive and sensual music, expression of happiness, creativity and game emotion, motivating stirred to action. The music perfectly fits in many media projects and will bring a great charge of energy and good mood.

Description: Powerful orchestral introduction. Cheerful and lively christmas carnival. Celebration of the new year.

Description: This composition conveys a holiday. Congratulations. Bright and radostnaya.Sbirthday.