Description: Orchestral halloween track with spooky atmosphere. Also available with a thunder sound effect.

Description: Orchestral halloween track with spooky atmosphere. Don't get frightened at around 2:02 when a crisp thunder sound comes in ;-) Also available without the thunder sound effect.

Description: This funny track brings life and cheerfulness in your project. A authentic toy piano sound reminds nearly everyone of his childhood. Perfect for Christmas or children related applications and much more.

Description: Orchestral and celebratory christmas song with piano, strings, bells, harp, pizzicato and sleigh bells in the background. A beautiful winter theme with a classical approach. Festive mood for slideshows, advertisement or movies. Available as full, 60 and 30 second version.

Description: A positive and motivational track with piano, glockenspiel, vibes and strings. Very uplifting feel and a perfect choice for your successful holiday video or adverts. Available as full, 60, 30 second and loop versions.

Description: Driving home for christmas with this wonderful jazzy song. The typical sleigh bells for the right mood. An improvisation with piano, drums, upright bass, jazz guitar and some vibes with additional bell layer.

Description: Beautiful lullaby song with bell melodies and a festive mood. Suits perfect in christmas videos or commercials. Alternate version with a less festive mood available.

Description: It's like every year. Suddenly christmas is there. Then you jump up and search in a fever of excitement for a gift. Good luck! :-) A funny jazzy arrangement draws this picture of being in a hurry with a wink.

Description: This country style christmas song comes with a soft, peaceful and warm message. A little town, lots of snow and the warm lights in the windows.

Description: A pop style christmas theme. Suits good in commercials and advertising. The catchy theme is uplifting and motivational.

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