Description: A simple and elegant version of this time honored holiday song about a Good King who braves the harsh winter weather to give alms to a poor peasant. This version features guitar playing the melody and a small wind ensemble providing the harmony. This track can be looped if needed for Xmas projects.

Description: A fun and funky upbeat retake on this holiday classic. This festive track features cool icy synthesizers, hip hop percussion deep down sub bass and sleigh bell percussion. Have a party enjoy good times dance good for TV, film, radio. in house systems, corporate events, collections, adverts, video, Instrumental, Christmas Music, Christmas Dance, Club & Remix

Description: A slightly unsettling spooky horror track with a building marching moving towards you vibe that is meant to unnerve the listener. Though edgy it is not over the top screaming fear music, more like a good scare. Cool fx are featured along with impacts and synths. Great halloween music for media works

Description: A happy upbeat whimsical take on this Christmas classic. Fun for all ages.

Description: A gently swinging two beat 1940's style Christmas song. Nice backing track for the holiday season. Features lead guitar and flute melody with the vibraphone on the bridge and the traditional swing ending. Four wheel drive and parkas and eskimos. Greeting cards, tv adverts, muzak, elevators and mall

Description: A jazzy piano trio (piano, bass and drums) digs into a swinging version of the classic christmas. carol.

Description: A luscious, airy, fresh and clean arrangement of this famous Irish waltz melody done for violin, cello, hammered dulcimer and upright bass. Uplifting and positive and suitable for close dancing, St. Patrick's Day themes, e-cards, radio play, scenes of holiday celebrations, family visits, fun times.

Description: A bouncy trance like disco dance version of the classic holiday song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Fun and happy for the party atmosphere. Some clever fx and a Sugar Plum Fairy quote are mixed in.

Description: A Christmas carol in traditional classical churchy style. An angelic faux boys chamber choir proudly singing, the drum rolls, the twinkling bells the cellos and the strings. A nostalgic views Family traditions, caroling scenes, snowmen under the moonlight, happy reunions holiday gatherings.

Description: Sweet swinging jazz trio featuring a harmon muted trumpet, upright jazz bass and acoustic piano. This sophisticated, mellow, elegant and charming holiday track will add that touch of class to any seasonal media project. Great for Films, TV, Radio, Websites, Home videos, eCards, Animations, Ringtones

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