Description: Slow, lamenting lullaby style spooky piece with a haunting atmosphere. Conveying suspense and imminent frights, the melody is played on a celesta, with subtle strings underneath. Ominous, with a tense and eerie mood. Useful in a Halloween or horror production that needs a simple creepy style.

Description: Warm & exciting, bright and breezy, uplifting version of the Christmas holiday classic, 'Tis the season to be jolly'. Opens with light merry bells and gradually builds to harp, strings, flute, oboe & vibraphone. Great for movement and faster radio and television commercials.

Description: Fast moving creepy theme track, full of suspense and dark undertones. The melody plays on a harpsichord, accompanied by strings, choir and percussion. The drama builds up and swoops to soaring heights, then glides back down to gently Rest In Peace at the end. Ideal for Halloween and horror projects.

Description: A classic Horror style track, decent for Halloween and slightly slightly discordant with piano phrases and tremolo strings to ratchet up the perfect horror halloween tension hinting at a imminent gory horror meeting with mad axe wielding lunatic suggesting a retro horror or eerie horror style film scene. Very useful for creating the perfect halloween atmosphere at parties.

Description: A positive and energetic Christmas track. Celebrate the holidays with this warm and uplifting composition featuring a full orchestral palette and modern electronic beat. This track is perfect for Christmas advertising, commercials, YouTube videos and more!

Description: Piano, upright bass and drums accompanied by sleigh bells combine for a simple, nostalgic melody. Suggested for use under narration, happy, feel-good moments or to underscore warm, touching, nostalgic winter holiday scenes, for traditional Christmas reunion of extended family a la Norman Rockwell. Key of G

Description: If you're looking for some cool way to advertise your product or business this Christmas, you've come to the right place! "Christmas Advertising" is upbeat and full of energy and it's just what your project needs if you want a cool power boost while keeping the Christmas atmosphere! The track comes in standard advertising lenghts: the original 60 seconds version, two 30 seconds versions, a long loop, and 2 short loops!

Description: Beautiful, light-hearted approach to the classic “Silent Night”. Instrumental version with a fun guitar rhythm and delicate Christmas-style bells. Try this Latin Pop track for your Christmas productions!

Description: Cheerful, playful, happy, orchestral music, with lively woodwind ,pizzicato strings and bells ,reflecting the atmosphere of Christmas celebration.