Description: Lively & fast pop/rock Christmas 30-sec jingle. Ideal for those harder to sell Christmas commercials. Wholesome, fun, jazzy the kids will love this! Pretty & uplifting melody. Features piano, bells, sleigh bells & tubular bells. Cute, hilarious and very sweet, little upbeat choir & very jolly

Description: Magical & mystical, almost lullaby-like original Christmas 30sec commercial. Light but full of anticipation, excitement and festive wonder. Features glockenspiel, pizzicato, boys choir, tremelo strings & sleigh bells. Perfect for Christmas commercials or magical experiences all year round.

Description: Light & chirpy, feelgood & jolly festive theme. Gives a warm nostalgic glow. Holiday for strings feel with a shuffle beat. Great for fun holiday features, commercials, Christmas background & muzak. Main mix, underscore, 30sec & 30sec underscore.

Description: Noble & stately version of the traditional Christmas Carol. This 3 verse version begins with oboe, viola & guitar - Second verse expands to flute, harp, harpsichord & guitar - Third verse is much grander strings & guitar. All Xmas uses from Muzak to TV, History & commercials.

Description: Magical & mystical original Christmas track, with an emerging warmth & celebration. Features choir boy soloist & glockenspiel, joined by orchestral strings, harp and trumpet. Perfect for Christmas Ads, Commercials and Spots. 30sec & 40sec versions

Description: Traditional festive lively jig or sea-shanty, featuring traditional folk instruments - Flute, Quena, Reed Instrument, Accordion, Bodhran drum, Tambourines, Lute. Christmas how it used to be. Great for traditional festive markets, Xmas muzak & commercials. Main mix & 30sec

Description: Enchanting and magical, twinkling and bright original Christmas underscore. Very light, rhythmical and ideal for voice-over. Features sleigh bells, tubular bells, plicked bell, glockenspiel & boys choir. Very atmospheric, perfect for adverts and visuals. Main 60sec, 30sec & light 30sec versions.

Description: Festive, magical and original Christmas orchestral theme. Filled with shimmering bells, merry strings, ethereal choirs and holiday spirit. Fast moving, merry and wonderous, includes lighter sections and edit points. The producers perfect Christmas gift.

Description: Quirky, light hearted & uplifting original festive theme with a nostalgic fun retro feel. Think jolly, jaunty & fun sleigh-ride. Features strings, bassoon, sleighbells, templeblocks, flute, glockenspiel & synth bells. Perfect for Christmas the way it used to be. 60 & 30 and underscores.

Description: Pretty, beautiful, warm & sweet musical box version of the traditional Christmas carol. 2 verses played on celeste & glockenspiel. Great for Xmas lullaby, Childrens nativity, Commercials. Main mix (2 verse) & short (1 verse) versions.