Description: Golf Rhythm with Club Swings & Ball Drops

Description: Shuffling, Percolating, Orbital

Description: Vocal variation on the famous Christmas song «Silent Night»

Description: Traditional Christmas melodies of the Ukrainian folk song Carol of the Bells (Shchedyk) merge with the epic feel of the Led Zeppelin classic Kashmir. Haunting string melodies with Middle Eastern Kashmir flair are juxtaposed with classic holiday moods. This piece takes this carol where it has never been before rivaling Mannheim Steam Roller, David Foster and Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Description: Dark, brooding and scary track that moves slowly forwards like a lumbering beast intent on terror. Cathedral organs, choir and percussion drive the piece on towards some horrific intent. Slow paced, menacing and evil, this is perfect for any horror or Halloween programme requiring a deathly mood.

Description: 60 second mix of strings, antique sleigh bells and percussion playing A/B arrangement of relaxed melody with counterpoint pizzicato and tremolo motifs, suggested to accompany traditional, nostalgic holiday scenes of family and community gatherings. Key of A, 75 & 69 beats/min

Description: 60 seconds of antique sleigh bells accompanying nostalgic piano melody with bridge. Recommended for touching winter scenes, underscore of seasonal PSAs, holiday ecards